About Scones in the City

Greetings fellow teaholics,

Welcome to Scones in the City, your guide to the great, the good and the gooey in London and beyond. This is the Q & A section of the site. Everything you need to know about the author, the website and much, much less.

Q: What made you want to start a blog about afternoon tea?

A: The purpose of Scones in the City is to bring together two of the things dearest to my heart: the beautiful, exciting city of London and all things covered in icing sugar. I’ve lived in London for msny years and in that time I’ve come across many unusual places, from cafes converted from urinals to… well, actually, a caramel slice served under a Victorian cistern is probably the most bizarre, but I’ve also eaten a lot of cake and drunk copious amounts of tea. In my head (if nowhere else) it struck me as fun if during my treks about the city (gambolling about like a bunny making a lemon tort last an hour), that I could share stories and tips and pictures with others equally excited by edible ball bearings and doilies.

Q: What makes you qualified to pass judgement on other peoples creations?

A: Not a thing. I just enjoy tea in all its many forms and I know if a Bakewell pudding has a burnt bottom. I want to celebrate afternoon tea for the uplifting, joyous experience that it can be. I don’t want to assassinate anyone if I happen to be given a teapot with a dodgy spout.

Q: What will you focus on in the blog?

A: There will be the afternoon tea experiences, the hotels and restaurants and boutiques that have turned the occasion into an art form of innovation and style, but also the unique cafe’s and nooks that can offer good food and tea without the ostentation. Essentially, anywhere I end up after getting the wrong bus that won’t serve me tea I have to stir with a stick.

That’s all for the moment. Check back soon for more updates.

The greedy glutton xxx



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