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Scones in the City: A glorious glutton’s gorging in April


Hello faithful reader. As I study my guidebooks, exchange my money and mentally prepare for another sugar-coated trip into Europe next month (I’ll give you a hint: Orson Wells on a ferris wheel, in the days before he could cause it to buckle just by looking at it) I have created a little collage of my feasting in London this month. Be warned: the following pictures contain scenes of graphic gateauxs and gratuitous melted cheese. Enjoy.



Tea-infused “Rouge in Love” at Mariage Frères Tea Emporium, Kings Street, Covent Garden. Red tea-candied strawberries, cream, bourbon vanilla shortbread biscuit and French meringue. Served with a gorgeous pot of Jasmin Mandarin green tea


Melted cheese toastie saturated in hot butter at The Cheese Bar, Camden Market. Washed down with nothing as for reasons I cannot fathom they don’t serve tea. So good I had to indulge in two of the cheesy triumphs in one sitting. It’s a good thing I don’t value having a waistline



Crabs cakes with poached eggs, sriracha hollandaise and spinach at Eggbreak, Notting Hill. Served with the spicy jalapeño “The Hot One” Bloody Mary



Warm cherry frangipane with custard in Caffè Concerto, Westfields, Stratford. Served with a small pot of zingy lemongrass and ginger tea. And who could forget the obligatory collection of macaroons?


Rum Baba at The Ivy Kensington Brasserie, Kensington High Street. Plantation soaked rum with Chantilly cream and raspberries. Served at the bar area with a pot of Jasmine Pearls tea


A simple pot of green tea and a bag of rum and raisin fudge in the outside sitting area of the cafe in Squire’s Garden Centre, Twickenham. Bringing back childhood memories of buying fudge on holiday in Blackpool during the summer break


And, finally, this outstanding collection of eggs, bunnies and all things Easter related. Till next time, folks 😊

Feel free to share stories, views and tips in the comments section below. Always fun to hear from fellow teaholics xx