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The Greedy Gluttons Guide to Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park



Happy 2019! As the season of goodwill draws to a close and we shudder at the prospect of a cold, grey, interminable January, let us bask in the dying embers of Christmas. For this I have ventured into London’s very own Pleasure Island, the only difference being that it is often the adults left feeling like donkeys. It is a festive fairyland of candyfloss and chocholate dipped churros; where one 90 second ride on a rollercoaster costs that of three Tesco meal deals and tellers at the hook a duck concession give you a death stare when you dare to ask for change from a ten pound note. But it is an annual event, and somehow in the depths of my Grinch-sized heart I still find myself smiling fondly at children, staring agog at chair-o-planes and trying on novelty earflap hats to see if bobbles suit me yet. I also go for the food, so let me take you on a culinary tour of Winter Wonderland 2018: where the air smells of sugar and the ground is littered with discarded donuts.


Chocolate fountains. Like the Trevi fountain you are not allowed to paddle in them


Hot whiskey, or Irish coffee without the coffee as it should be called. Small cup: £5.95


Shameless product placement


Cadbury’s hot chocolate hut


I know what you’re thinking: where are the sprinkles? Simple. Break the flake up. £4.00


I really need to set this as the wallpaper for my home page


Churros with sugar and cinnamon. Not bad for a stretched-out donut


Kitty Kat Coffee. Many, many jars of sprinkles


Vast array of green tea available at Kitty Kat Coffee. I’ll have all of them. With cream. And syrup. And sprinkles. £2.00


Cave of wonders


Mmmmmm… donuts


Doughy, sugary, gooey goodness


Mini pancakes with Golden Syrup masquerading as maple syrup. If you think there is no difference I can tell you there is a very, very, VERY big difference


A lot of waffle


50 million E numbers can’t be wrong

I hope you have enjoyed this trek through the ultimate foodie funfare. Have a fantastic new year filled with scones and jam and lots and lots of nibbly things. Till next time, teaholics xx