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Scones In Another City: A glorious glutton’s guide to Rome


Greetings from Italy. Yes folks, the news that no one but me was looking forward to: Scones in the City has gone international. As I conduct my version of the grand tour (more tea, less syphilis) I will endeavour to inspire envy in my readers with updates on all the tea sipped, scones snaffled and goodies gorged on in a culinary trip to my stomach’s spiritual heartland. And as this truly is nirvana for the most glorious of gluttons, please expect scenes of gratuitous pasta and pizza along the way. Keep checking for regular updates. Arrivederci, teaholics


Chamomile tea and cinnamon biscuits at Trappizzino, Piazza Trilussa, 46, 00153. The perfect rest stop after teetering across cobbles for three hours


Cocktail O’clock. Tequila Sunrise &; Strawberry Daiquiri. La Biga Al Colosseo, Via Nicola Salvi, 65, 00184. I can’t attest to the food but at €8 per cocktail it is easy to get very, very merry very, very quickly


Overlooking the Colosseum at La Biga. Green tea to dilute the alcohol


Cocktail O’clock. Theatre Cafe, Via Quattro Novembre, 157A, 00187. Strawberry Daiquiri and Aperol Spritz €8 each. A dessert in themselves


€7 espresso shot at Caffe Greco with complimentary chocolate. (I can’t justify the price but I can sweeten it a little). As a dedicated teaholic I couldn’t distinguish good coffee from liquefied horse manure. However, the presentation is lovely, the staff are immaculate, the decor is charmingly ye-olde worlde, and if I am going to throw back a thimbleful of bitter sludge I can think of nowhere nicer. The perfect stop after visiting The Keats–Shelley Memorial House, the former frequenting the caffe whilst living beside The Spanish Steps


BiblioBar, Piazza Adriana, 4, 00193. The perfect combination of books and beverages overlooking Castel Sant’Angelo. Outside seating provides romantic views and, most importantly, refreshing green tea and nibbles after a  frantic magnet search at the stalls along the Tiber


Delights of the BiblioBar. No wonder half the world’s bird population turned up


Seating at the back of the BiblioBar. Robins and pigeons waiting to swoop on my blackberry jam tart


My follow diners at Bibliobar. The stuff Hitchcock films are made of


Trippa Alla Romana at Campo de’ Fiori. I approached this the way campmates approach kangaroo testicles during jungle challenges. The constant reminders of what tripe is coupled with the unpleasant honeycomb texture does not inspire confidence. However, in the spirit of carpe diem, when in Rome and other motivational nonsense I decided to give it a try. The result: bland, chewy nothingness. It isn’t even interesting enough to be bad. Oh well, as Caesar once said; I came, I saw, I masticated for 30 minutes


La Bottega Del Cioccolato, Via Leonina, 82, 00184. A delightful cross between the candy store at the beginning of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and La Céleste Praline from the novel Chocolat


The Mouth of Truth going straight into my mouth from La Bottega Del Cioccolato. Gregory Peck not included


Panetteria Romana, Via della Lungaretta, Trastevere


Takeaway chocolate rum balls, Panetteria Romana




Angela’s House chicco di grano (Via di S. Vincenzo, 14, 00187). I recommend the mountains of pineapple and hazel gelato


‘Happy Tea’ time at “La Fenice” (Via Francesco Crispi 68). A soothing pot of Orange pekoe and delightful collection of biscuits for a impressive €10. The chocolate rum ball is a particular delight

Feel free to share stories, views and tips in the comments section below. Always fun to hear from fellow teaholics xx